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The Ergonomic Touchpad   CapoClips
Scott Stenten guitarist, singer and entrepreneur based in New York City, the Lower East Side (L.E.S). Recognized as a pioneering guitarist for his percussive "tapping" playing style which consists of a variety of influences ranging from Jazz, Rock and R&B. His flamboyant choice of instrument is usually a custom made double neck guitar. Stenten is also the creator of the Ergo Touchpad a versatile computer mouse for home, office and use with medical and people with disabilities applications. Stenten has also created a new twist on the guitar capo with Capo Clips an original invention (patent pending) that attaches to the neck of the guitar and changes the key of the instrument, opening up many new possibilites for stringed instrument players. Trained as a photographer in the commercial photo studios in Chicago he is a prolific film maker documenting his guitar playing, and various projects through the websites and He continues to develop and hone his ever changing guitar style by playing various gigs and busking in the New York City Transit hubs and subways 3 days a week as a member of Music Under New York (MUNY).



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